Finance for Non Financial Managers

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Finance for Non Financial Managers

Finance for Non Financial Managers

Financial skills have always been essential for all managers, at times of change such as those we all face right now, they have become even more important. Managers need to be able to quickly assess the financial impacts of changes and evaluate the potential actions to cope with them.

Budgeting and planning are easier in a world with certainty – the pandemic coupled with ever-increasing technological change increases uncertainty. Managers need to be more flexible and responsive – they need to see threats and opportunities before they hit. They need to put together financial analysis to quality the risks and quantify the required responses to the challenges.

What is new about this programme that another programme does not have?

The programme incorporates:

-  The impacts of new and evolving technology on managing finance.
-  New progressive ideas on budgeting and forecasting
- Outward looking financial analysis including using financial analysis to develop “Financial intelligence” on competitors, suppliers, and customers